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Ideas woven with the threads of love work together for good.

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Golden Thread Productions is at once ancient and reaching into the future.

We believe presence, love, divinity, being, consciousness, energy, individuality, creation, possibility, perspective, relativity, freedom, and collective solidarity are the core of life and reality. We want to grow in knowledge and action, support one another, realize ourselves, and emanate positive change. These powerful ideas are what we call "golden thread" and are the intentions woven through everything we do.

Our mission is to design, envision, and support projects and events that bring people together, empower the precious nature of each individual, and reveal the unstoppable power of our connected communities.

We are Jessie Giambra and Sarah Sykora, agents of something greater.

Connect with us so we can share ideas, envision a wide, wonderful world, and transform our dreams into tangible actions and realities.

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